Yield Farming

Why Yield Farm?

  • Deposit your Liquidity Pool tokens into a farm to earn extra yield.
  • Extra yield is rewarded in $MID Tokens.
When you deposit Tokens into a Yield Farm you also continue to earn Trading Fees from the Liquidity pool.

How to earn MID token rewards through yield farming

  • Connect and confirm your wallet
  • Choose the Farm you wish to deposit your LP
  • If you don’t have LP tokens yet, click "Add Liquidity"
  • This will take you to the token-pair’s liquidity pool
  • Click "Add liquidity".
  • Once you have supplied Tokens into the pool and received your LP tokens, return to the farm
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet then Deposit the tokens
  • Congratulations you are now earning Farm rewards!

How to withdraw tokens

  • On the "Withdraw" part - select the amount of LP Tokens or press 'Max'
Click "Withdraw" and Confirm in your Metamask Wallet when prompted.

How to claim rewards

To claim your reward simply click on "claim" and confirm the action in your Metamask wallet. Your reward will be staked and start to be vested automatically for 3 months.
If you wish to harvest your rewards sooner you can click on "Claim with penalty" in the "Staking" tab. The current penalty is at 50% of the rewards.